The Magellan Project

Retracing the Route 500 Years Later

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The Magellan Project is an historical documentary project in the making. By traveling Magellan’s route in a modern vessel, with high-tech navigation and communication equipment, this adventure will provide material for research, education and entertainment all during the journey and for years to come.

A Reality Show with Substance

Like the space station, follow the lives and life-styles of those who are living this sailing adventure through video episodes, blogging and social media. Even now, you can follow the development of this project in real time. Sign up for the Newsletter or follow the Project Updates.

Community Outreach

Since our modern vessel will get us to the various ports of call more quickly than Magellan’s ships, we will have time to do public outreach along the way. Community outreach and presentations to schools and civic groups in ports along the way will provide an avenue for promoting historical, educational, and public awareness of this important piece of world geographic history.

Cultural Perspectives

An important goal of this project is to further the understanding of the impact Magellan’s expedition had on the nature of the global village we live in today. The project will provide anthropological research data by actively seeking and documenting local public feedback along the route regarding the local perceived impact of Magellan’s expedition.

Education & Research

This project is a non-profit, edutainment platform. With a satellite uplink and real-time, onboard cameras, every aspect of the voyage will be recorded and can used for education and as a source of research on subjects ranging from geography, history and anthropology to marine ecology, meteorology and navigation. Learn more about the research program by visiting the Research department in the library. A documentary of the project will be produced.

The Scale of Time, Nature & Human Life

The expedition will take place during the same dates of the year as the original; and be completed in time to celebrate the original journey’s 500 Year Anniversary in 2019. Much has changed since then, and much has stayed the same. Join us as we compare the past and present, on large scales and small. Begin by educating yourself in our ever-growing, online Ship’s Library.

Real Adventure

Sailors, journalists and researchers (with documented ‘blue water’ experience) will have an opportunity to join the crew on various underway legs between ports o’ call. Sponsors, educators and travelers who wish to can visit the crew and take part in outreach and festivities at the various ports. See a list of the ports and projected timeline in the Ports o’ Call section of the Library page.